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A long term project usually lasts from 1 to 12 months, rarely longer. It’s a non-formal international learning experience developing volunteer’s sensitivity towards social and cultural differences, self-confidence and problem solving ability.
Long-term volunteering is individual rather than in groups. Often there are 2 or 3 volunteers working on a certain project.
A short training and orientation session is given to the volunteers in the beginning of the project, to help them get acquainted with the project aims, the local host, the country's customs and culture.
Long term volunteers are immersed in the local culture to a much greater extent allowing them to integrate better with the local community and actually become part of it. It's an exciting experience for a lifetime.


  Participants make their own arrangements for the travel to the project and cover the transportation by themselves. They are provided with information about the local means of transport, location and directions to the projects site, meeting point, etc.
  The participation fee is listed in the project description. Some hosts charge an extra fee which is also listed in the project description. The extra fee when required is intended to support the host who does not have sufficient funds.
  Food and accommodation are provided for the whole duration of the project and the volunteer has no expenses related to this.

CADIP is proud to provide the most affordable way to volunteer internationally. As a comparison, you can easily find similar activities that will cost you a few times more and which start with a strictly non-refundable deposit that equals to all our fees put together.

What makes a successful volunteer?

Once you’ve made a commitment, you will probably want it to be a beneficial and rewarding experience. Your chances of completing successfully your volunteer assignment will be better if you are:
- organized, responsible and well-prepared
- emotionally stable and have a good sense of humor
- open-minded, adaptable and ready to adjust to a different culture
- self-reliant and capable of improvisation when needed
- patient, flexible and able to work in an international team
- willing to learn about other cultures and lifestyles
- committed to sharing your knowledge and skills

For short-term projects (aka workcamps) click here