Terms and Conditions
of long-term volunteering with CADIP
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Please, read carefully the general rules for participation in a middle-term or long-term volunteer project. By submitting your Volunteer Enrollment Form, you confirm that you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

1. You confirm that you have read all of the information available on our website concerning the aim of the project, planned activities, accommodation, costs, terms of participation and you understand and accept the nature of the international voluntary project.

2. You must meet the age and any other specific requirements as set in the project description.

3. All the enrollment requests are proceeded by individuals working for CADIP who are competent and with good will to recruit volunteers. On any stage of the decision making process or given support, the requests are not proceeded by sophisticated technologies, electronically generated communication or software driven processing. Briefly, human beings are caring for the whole process related to the volunteer projects despite the few disadvantages that this may import.

4. You can cancel your participation for any reason within 15 days from the start of the enrollment procedure, but no later than 30 days before the start of the project you are placed in. In this case you will get a full refund of your participation fee. The membership is not part of the participation fee and is not refundable. The preparation of the projects and the recruitment of motivated volunteers is an effortful and timely process which involves both CADIP and its partners in other countries. So for any cancellations out of the time limits mentioned above, CADIP will not be able to make any refunds.

5. If you are placed on a volunteer project which is then cancelled by the host, or if we are not able to place you according to your wishes, we will refund you in full the participation fee. Any refunds will be made in Canadian funds. Cancellation of a volunteer project occurs very rarely, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. We recommend that you take travel insurance along with your travel tickets to protect yourselves in such cases. CADIP is not responsible for refunding travel tickets or covering any other loss related to your travel arrangements.

6. For any change of your placement requested by you, you will be charged $130. If the change cannot be done e.g. due to lack of free places, not enough time, etc., this sum will be refunded to you.

7. We accept volunteers from more than 60 countries. Regrettably we do not accept volunteers from some countries where we do not have ways to ensure the quality of the recruitment process and/or provide reliable assistance to potential volunteers. In those cases enrollment requests (including payments by credit card or cheque) will not be proceeded and no additional comments will be made.

8. The middle- and long-term volunteer projects are not traditional package holidays, where timetables and arrangements can be clearly defined at all times. Some changes in the program may occur depending on the needs of the hosting establishment or community or due to lack of resources for the charity action. CADIP cannot be held responsible for occurrence of such changes.

9. As the charity projects are organized to support establishments or communities in need of help, the living conditions provided for the participants are generally modest. CADIP cannot give assurance for the quality of the living conditions on any particular project place.

10. Most of the projects are not accessible for people with disabilities, although, a few projects have the necessary facilities. People with disabilities have to contact CADIP representatives to get confirmation of that prior the start of the enrollment procedure.

11. You will be expected to perform the tasks and duties foreseen for the implementation of the project and to facilitate the day-to-day running of the project on an equal basis as the other volunteers and under the direction of the project leader and local staff.

12. You agree that any pictures taken on the volunteer project, on which you may appear, as well as photos and/or written statement(s) provided by you, can be used in CADIP's website and promotional materials, in order to present and promote the organization's volunteer projects and activities.

13. CADIP may monitor or record telephone conversations with CADIP or its representatives for quality control and training purposes or for its own protection.

14. You will be expected to behave in a manner consistent with the laws and customs of the host country. If you commit any illegal acts, offend local sensibilities, put at risk the welfare or safety of yourself or others, or act in a manner detrimental to the project, the organization, or the local hosts, you will be required to leave the project promptly without recourse or refund.

15. In the event of you choosing to leave the project at any time, or if the staff has instructed you to leave, we are released of any responsibility for your welfare immediately.

16. We are not responsible for any loss, cancellation, damage or injury arising as a consequence of natural disasters, weather conditions, fire, computer or systems failure, acts of war, terrorism, civil unrest, confiscation by or under the order of any government or public local authority, or for any other reasons beyond our control.

17. CADIP does not provide insurance cover for you or your possessions. We are not liable for the loss, wear or damage to any personal items. Although in case of a small accident, first aid is provided, you need to get your own health travel insurance for the whole duration of the volunteer project.

18. It is participant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has the necessary passport, tickets, documents, visas, vaccinations in order to enter and stay in the destination country.

19. Volunteers cover their travel costs to the project place by themselves. During the project board and lodging is provided for the participants free of charge. Any personal costs are at the volunteer's responsibility.

20. Any information given by us about flights, visas, healthcare, vaccinations, climate, clothing, equipment, conditions and other matters is given in good faith but without responsibility on our part. It is volunteer's responsibility to check the specific rules and regulations concerning his/her travel to the destination country.