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Teen photo marathon in Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland       13 projects of 2 wks from May to September

Volunteer project: This is the 17th year (since 2008) that series of International Photo marathons are organized! Throughout the year, participants from all over the world come to Iceland for an immersive photography related learning camp. The coordinators help the participants to develop their unique photographic skills through workshops and feedback sessions on technical settings, compositional considerations, as well as to create conceptual frameworks highlighting the participants' individual style.

Participants will have time to put the theory about photography into practice, walking around and exploring the city. At the end of the camp, the best photographs from each participant are selected for an online exhibition.
While learning about photography, the participants have the opportunity to explore Icelandic culture by taking part in it, capturing it and also by displaying their work during the camp. One of our objectives is to empower young people to use photography to draw attention to environmental and cultural subjects and issues.

Participants should be ready to spend time outdoors walking medium distances during activities and working within a flexible time schedule. They will be photographing in their free time outside of workshop hours with images to be discussed at group feedback sessions. Participants should bring their own digital cameras, lenses, tripods and laptops if possible.

This project is open to participants aged 16 to 20. The program combines learning, sharing, getting to know Iceland and its culture, and having fun while exploring the city and some of the most stunning natural attractions in the Golden Circle and Reykjanes Peninsula excursions. We will visit spectacular waterfalls, geysers, impressive coastline, a volcano crater, the Thingvellir National Park and much more.

Please note that this project is a learning/sharing camp and not a regular workcamp; it has a smaller work part and puts more emphasis on the personal learning process than on the community impact. We may be able to organize some outdoor voluntary work, but it depends on our partners and the weather conditions. Participants should use the opportunity to share something about their own culture and country, such as food, music, games or films at the international evening.

Language: English

Leisure time: Additional excursions (e.g. Hot River Hike, the South Shore or Snæfellsnes Peninsula) can be arranged at discount fares in case there is additional free time after the workshops and sessions of the project.

Accommodation: The participants will stay in a house in Reykjavík. The facilities are basic with a kitchen, showers and a washing machine. Everyone is expected to show consideration for their companions. Participants will sleep in shared rooms/dorms of up to 6 people. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Please note, the food provided is vegetarian.

Location: Reykjavik is a dynamic, modern city which lives in harmony with nature, using renewable energy sources. The world’s northernmost capital bridges the Atlantic between Europe and North America. Reykjavík is spread across a peninsula with a panoramic view of the mountains and the Atlantic. It is an international city with a lively cosmopolitan cultural scene surrounded by beautiful nature.

The projects in June and July happen around the summer solstice, when the sun hardly sets and the nights are almost as bright as the days. The bright nights are magical and staying awake enjoying the beautiful surroundings is a unique experience.

Terminal: Closest international Airport: Keflavík/Reykjavík (KEF). Bus station: Central Reykjavík (BSÍ).

Age range: 16 - 20 years old

Extra fee: 550 Euro for the project from May 25; 600 Euro for the project from June 3; 650 Euro for the projects after June 12;
The fee includes transportation from the meeting point to the project site (on the first day), as well as the Golden Circle and Reykjanes excursions.
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project and needs to be transferred no later than one month before the start of the project.

All available dates for this project:
May 25 - June 2, 2024
June 3 - June 11, 2024
June 12 - June 20, 2024
June 21 - June 29, 2024
June 30 - July 8, 2024
July 9 - July 17, 2024
July 18 - July 26, 2024
July 27 - August 4, 2024
August 5 - August 13, 2024
August 14 - August 22, 2024
August 23 - August 31, 2024
September 1 - September 9, 2024
September 10 - September 18, 2024

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