Top 7 reasons to volunteer abroad

   1   Travel with purpose
You like to discover the world, and surely there are many interesting destinations awaiting you. But do you know what to do once you get there? Of course you may want to do some sightseeing, but what comes next? Traveling as a tourist can often feel draining or dissatisfying. Volunteering can make your trip feel purposeful and worthwhile; it gives you something to do, somewhere to go, somewhere to stay and someone to share the experience with. It relieves you of arranging, worrying, and feeling lost. It also provides the opportunity to explore a new country from within, rather than just as a passerby. You'll still have plenty of time for sightseeing... and you'll have the benefit of sharing your time with new friends from all over the world.

   2   Challenge yourself
Volunteering in an international charity project is a two-way street: you often get just as much as you can offer. Participating is a worthwhile challenge through which you can learn a lot about yourself and the great extent of your abilities. The major focal point will undoubtedly be achieving the project goal and contributing to a good cause. But volunteering in a group of motivated volunteers from all over the world also adds an additional learning dimension to your experience. This unique environment can reveal new sides of your character and personality. You will find that you are capable of doing things that you've never tried before. You will test your cooperation with people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. Like most volunteers, you may forge friendships in days that can last a lifetime. The volunteer project gives you the chance to be creative and have initiative while contributing to a good cause.

   3   Build your resume
Having a volunteer experience as a part of your resume will definitely improve your chances when applying for a job, university, or learning program. Employers and admissions committees value volunteering highly because it signals your commitment, flexibility, patience, ability for teamwork. Employers, job-searching companies, and admissions officers know and frequently emphasize the importance of having volunteer experience. Upon request, CADIP will issue a certificate evidencing your volunteer commitment.

   4   Focus on your career development
Participation in an international project can valuable – and often essential – to your studies or professional realization. Many of our volunteers are professionals in training or researchers looking to build their skill set. Current and future social workers, teachers, tutors, team leaders can benefit from one of our many projects in orphanages, social centers, and other people-oriented settings. Nurses and doctors frequently participate in our projects in medical centers, hospitals, or special needs facilities. Students take advantage of our environmental sustainability, biology, restoration, or archeology projects. The list is hardly exhaustive. A well-picked volunteer experience can inspire you, motivate your professional aspirations, give you hands-on experience, and build you up in ways impossible at a lecture or in the office.

   5   Avoid breaking the bank
Volunteering abroad in one of our projects is strikingly affordable. All you have to cover is the roundtrip travel cost from your home to the project location (you have to check the price with your nearest or preferred travel agency) and a participation fee of $440. All of your expenses for board and lodging are covered for the duration of your project. You should have some pocket money depending on your personal wishes and needs. There are no hidden fees! Other experience-based travel opportunities, including tourist packages and other volunteer organizers, bill in the thousands of dollars and often demand a non-refundable deposit equal to our fee. At Cadip, we believe in the importance of making volunteering abroad affordable and keep the cost of the experience-based travel we offer low.

Still at a loss for funds? Many volunteers cover their expenses with scholarships, university or community grants, letter writing campaigns to family and friends, contributions from student organizations, and other donation-driven efforts. By writing to family members, friends, and others about your opportunity abroad, you may be surprised by the availability of grants and people's generosity in helping make your volunteer experience happen.

   6   Learn something new
Taking part in a volunteer program is undoubtedly an enriching learning experience. You can learn a new language, and become acquainted with new cultures and ways of life. International volunteering broadens your cultural horizons by undermining national stereotypes. It teaches valuable skills such as adaptability, responsibility, and a positive outlook towards life.

   7   Volunteer in a multicultural group
One of the many unique aspects of a Cadip volunteer project is that volunteers from all over the world participate alongside each other. It is an unrivalled opportunity to live, work, and make friends with people from all over the world. Volunteers from all European countries, the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan and Australia participate in the projects. Together, you will work toward achieving the aim of the project, will explore the country of your destination, and will enjoy sharing your cultural perspectives and life experiences.

There are many ways to volunteer, but Cadip offers a unique blend of valuable project aims, international learning, and multicultural group volunteering at an affordable cost.

Those who have already taken part in Cadip's projects stated their experience stood out as "very enriching and special", "one of my best life experiences", "a fantastic opportunity to help others", "extremely beneficial", "extraordinary time", "the most incredible experience", "one of these experiences, which have the power to change your life", "an experience you will talk about for years to come".