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Saving the green areas of Apizaco
Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico       August 9 - August 16, 2023

Volunteer project: The state of Tlaxcala is one of the smallest in the Mexican Republic and it has been suffering environmental deterioration since the last decades of the 20th century. This has caused different problems like loss of forests, environmental pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Currently, it only has 17% of its environmental vegetation.

In the municipality of Apizaco, green areas are very important, and this is why the ecological department of the city council is in charge of maintaining these areas, seeking to stop the debarking worm plague, since this plague affects not only the infected tree, but also its environment. Also, in Apizaco there is a lagoon in which it is still possible for people to swim, therefore it is necessary to give it the adequate treatment in order to be able to keep enjoying this place. This project is looking to rescue the green areas of Apizaco through environmental practices with the support of local and international volunteers, promoting teamwork, culture, respect, empathy towards nature and in this way promoting the development of the community.

The volunteers will participate in the cleaning of the Apizaquito lagoon. They will carry out reforestation work in the Anden Park - this place is considered the largest lung of the City of Apizaco. The volunteers will paint murals creating a union between the different counties, where they will be able to express part of their culture, carrying out a cultural exchange through painting together with the community and guided by a local professional muralists.

This project is for those interested in the conservation and learning about the environment, willing to get their hands dirty for a better planet.

Language: English

Leisure time: During their free time, the volunteers can spend time in Tlaxcala which is the capital of the smallest state of Mexico. The state’s name is Tlaxcala as well. It has a small colonial downtown with a large student population, good restaurants and cafes with vibrant cultural life. As it is not far from the state of Mexico and Puebla, the volunteers can travel to both states by bus and discover the beautiful Mexico City and Puebla.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided in Apizaco. Vegetarian food is available.

Location: Apizaco is located in the state of Tlaxcala and it is around half-hour away by car from the capital, Tlaxcala. The name of Apizaco comes from the local indigenous language of Nahuatl.

Nearest bus station: Tlaxcala, Apizaco, Humantla

Nearest airports: Mexico City International Airport, Puebla International Airport

Age range: 18 and over

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Restoration and preservation of Prambanan World Heritage site
Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia       August 14 - August 19, 2023

Volunteer project: This project follows an important global initiative for preservation of World Heritage sites since 2008. Arriving from all across the world, the volunteers will discuss issues related to world heritage and cultural diversity while actively engaging in the preservation of World Heritage sites.
Prambanan temple compounds is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia which is one of the largest temple compounds in Southeast Asia. It was built in the 9th century dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities (Shiva, Wishnu and Brahma). The Prambanan temple compounds consist of Prambanan temple (also called Loro Jonggrang), Sewu temple, Bubrah temple and Lumbung temple with a total of about 240 temples. The temples were damaged by the earthquake in 2006 and volcano ashes from Kelud mountain eruption in 2014.

The volunteers will be introduced to the World Heritage Centre’s activities and campaign, as well as the history and dynamics of World Heritage sites worldwide. The Heritage Centre renders a symbolic dimension to heritage through debates and reflections, contributes to the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage, and improves accessibility and availability of information. The Centre also raises the awareness of the local population by creating a sense of ownership and identification. It also promotes cultural heritage among international volunteers and organizations.

The volunteers will work on restoration projects in the Prambanan temples. Before the restoration work begins, the volunteers will have a one-day orientation. This orientation will teach participants how to perform restoration work and will provide information about the history of the temple. This is a truly educational process, which will enrich the volunteers with cultural understanding and a lot of knowledge about the temples and the process of restoration.

Since the volunteers will be living in the local community of Bugisan, they will also engage in activities with the students of the local school. Volunteers will help promote preservation of the temples and do some activities like student competitions, culture exchange, etc. The volunteers will also campaign about world heritage preservation and preservation of Prambanan Temple in particular among the local community and visitors to the world heritage site.

Study theme: The volunteers will be introduced to Prambanan temple compounds and will learn about the value of history and culture. They will learn why and how this temple was built long time ago by visiting temples and heritage sites around. The volunteers will also be introduced to the Indonesian culture and customs in general, with a special focus on the Javanese particularities. Some cultural visits are also foreseen.

Leisure time: Visiting the nearby World Heritage site, the temples of Prambanan and/or Yogyakarta City.

Language: English

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in Indonesian host families (basic conditions, sleeping bag and mat needed).

Location: Prambanan Temple Compounds, Klaten regency, Central Java province. Bugisan Village is located 25 km east of Yogyakarta.

Terminal: Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) or Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA)

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 180 Euro
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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