Heritage restoration and conservation

Building with earth
Montemor-o-Novo, Evora, Portugal       August 26 - September 6, 2019

Volunteer project: This project aims to awaken youth for the traditional building techniques and the surrounding built heritage. It is a Hands-on-Approach in ancient building techniques, especially raw earth (adobe, rammed earth, CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks), earth plasters), fired earth as well as lime mortars and plasters. During the project, we will work on the restoration and maintenance of historic buildings, especially at the Castle and in the old Saint Francisco Convent from 1495. Cooperation, communication, self-esteem, problem solving, risk evaluation, leadership and decision making are competences that we need in order to work together while building for and with the local community. The working environment is relaxed, in the heart of an artistic city.

Volunteer activities:
• Learn about and repair traditional lime plasters and paintings;
• Apply reinforced waterproof membrane on the Convent's roof;
• Learn about traditional handmade fired and raw earth brick production, clay preparation and application;
• Repair traditional terracotta brick structures (removing vegetation, cleaning and applying natural waterproof coating);
• Cleaning and organizing working areas and tools used during the activities. Tools like brushes, trowels, shovels, spatulas will be used to perform tasks such as painting, scratching, cleaning, mixing mortar, applying mortar, etc.

Language: English

Free time activities: Ceramics - make your own clay project and take it home – from modeling until firing; group games, round tables, yoga, open air cinema, landscape and heritage walks (learning about the Montado Landscape, visiting the megalithic heritage and the city of Évora), concerts at the local annual fair.

Accommodation: Shared rooms in the old convent. Please bring your sleeping bag.

Location: Montemor-o-Novo is a small town in Alentejo region, 1h15 min from Lisbon and 20 minutes from the city of Evora.

Terminal: Lisbon Airport

Age range: 18 - 30 years old

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Raising environmental awareness and preserving the Gedong Songo temple
Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia       September 4 - September 17, 2019

Volunteer project: Gedong Songo is one of the national heritage sites in Central Java. There are 5 temples in the area which attract a lot of people during the holidays, especially regional tourists. The site is also known for the display of the intangible cultural heritage through traditional dances, music and festivals. However, some aspects still need to be improved, such as the environmental awareness, socio-economic background, sanitation and hygiene of the local people. Most of the locals are earning a living from their vegetable gardens. The increasing number of visitors each year not only results in littering, but also vandalism on the temple, which has become a serious problem.

Volunteers will help out with education and sharing knowledge on recycling through school visits, managing waste dumping, cleaning the temple, environmental education for children, and campaigns about environmental issues.
The project aims to increase the awareness of local people about garbage problems (especially non organic garbage), to support tangible and intangible heritage preservation programs, cultural exchange with local people and educating students and local people to take care of their environment.

The volunteer team will mainly work for changing attitudes and behaviour of local people towards their environment such as recycling garbage, personal hygiene practices related to the environment, organizing English lessons and school visits, and playing games with the children. There will be also possibilities for physical work such as cleaning the temple, planting trees, gardening, or making sign boards and garbage bins.

Language: English

Accommodation: With a host family, sleeping bag is needed.

Location: Candi Village, Gedongsongo, Bandungan, Semarang Regency, Central Java

Nearest airport: Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 180 Euro
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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Preserving a traditional village and local culture on Sumba Island
Sumba Island, Indonesia       September 9 - September 22, 2019

Volunteer project: Prai Ijing is a megalithic village on Sumba Island, most famous for its traditional houses. The houses are unique with their structure and meaning. Prai Ijing has a lot of stories and traditions that the local people still observe.
The village has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sumba with many local and foreign visitors coming every day. However, this traditional village is in need of better infrastructure and cleanliness. Most locals don't speak English which limits the opportunity for communication and sharing about their culture and traditions.
The project aims to empower the Prai Ijing community by raising awareness of the potential of local culture.

The volunteers will help local people to beautify and manage their village by fixing and setting up infrastructure and will help provide information about local culture to tourists. The volunteers will also teach English to local people so that they can effectively communicate and tell about Sumba culture to visitors who come to this traditional village. Other activities within the project include mapping the village, weaving and handicrafts with local women and school visits to speak with young people about traditional culture.

Language: English

Accommodation: The volunteers will stay in a traditional Sumba house in Prai Ijing village, sleeping bag is needed.

Location: Prai Ijing Traditional Village, West Sumba Regency, Sumba Island

Nearest airport: Tambolaka Airport, Sumba Island

Age range: 18 and over

Extra fee: 220 Euro
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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Historic heritage of Buganda kingdom
Kasubi, Kampala district, Uganda       1 - 12 months

Volunteer project: The Buganda kingdom dates 200 years back and has a very rich history. One of the outstanding treasures of Buganda is the Kasubi Tombs which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 2010 some parts of the site were almost completely destroyed by a fire. After this tragedy, the Buganda Kingdom has vowed to rebuild the tombs of their kings, and the kingdom is looking for motivated volunteers to help rebuild the former glory of the kingdom by conserving, protecting and promoting the heritage site in all aspects. The Kasubi Tombs is the only Heritage Site of its kind in Uganda. The volunteers will be partnering with the kingdom to rebuild, restore, and document some of the activities of a two decade legacy.

Volunteer tasks include: restoration, promotion and protection of cultural values and sites; intercultural exchange; social work; educational support; raising awareness; guiding and counseling; tree planting.

Study theme: Protection, preservation and promotion of historic heritage, sustainable tourism and improving the livelihoods of local communities.

Language: English

Duration of the project: 1 to 12 months. The program is running throughout the year.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in a host family or a group accommodation on site.

Location: The site is located in the Central region of Uganda, Kampala district, which surrounds the capital city.

Age range: 19 and over

Participation fee: $690 CAD (about $560 US)

Extra fee: 300 Euro for 1 month; 450 Euro for 1-3 months; 750 Euro for 3-6 months; 900 Euro for 6-9 months; 1200 Euro for 9-12 months;
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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Support the Management Boards of UNESCO Protected Sites in Vietnam
Vietnam       2 - 12 months

Volunteer project: Placement on this project can be on one of 8 UNESCO protected sites in Vietnam:
• My Son World Heritage site
• Can Gio Biosphere Reserve
• Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve
• Dong Van Global Karst Plateau Geopark
• Lower U Minh Ha National Park (under Mui Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve)
• Cat Tien National Park (under Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve)
• Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve (under Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve)
• Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

The volunteers will support the staff of the site management board. Volunteers' tasks include: giving English training course to the staff and the local community; conducting research about sustainable tourism development and management, and protection of the tropical forests; writing handbooks, leaflets and guidebooks…

Special requirements: Background/experience in environmental management, heritage management or tourism management is preferred.

Language: English

Duration of the project: 2-12 months

Accommodation: Volunteers will be provided with accommodation at the site. They need to bring a sleeping bag.

Location: Ha Giang Province, Nghe An Province, Quang Nam Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Hoa province, Ca Mau Province, Dong Nai Province, and Quang Ninh Province.

Terminal: depends on the site

Age range: 21 and over

Participation fee: $690 CAD (about $560 US)

Extra fee: 7,500,000 VND (about 300 Euro)/month
The extra fee is intended to support the local host of the project who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival.

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