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Volunteer projects in TURKEY

Organizing art workshops for disabled people in Istanbul
Istanbul          1 to 3 months

Volunteer project: This project is running since 2008 in support of a Center for socially disadvantaged individuals & people with disabilities. The Center has educated free of charge more than 2000 people in its art education workshops. It carries out two sub-projects with its innovative and creative pattern. Social Inclusion Band, which works under the motto of "Music For All" and involves youngsters with disabilities and professional volunteer musicians. The band gives concerts regularly in the best clubs in Istanbul. The Dance Company, which is a drama and dance group, performs on the scene with professional artists.

The volunteers will help at the Center in İstanbul with all aspects of workshop preparation, workshop performances as well as any other office or field work related to the project.

The volunteer work involves: serving and assisting people with disabilities at workshops, assisting the instructors before and after workshops, organizing and running events on and off-site. Volunteers will work 6 days a week and have 1 day free in the weekdays as most of the weekends they will be busy. Most of the days, 8 working hours is requested. Please note that although the project is in İstanbul, you will have limited time to visit the city, due to long working hours.

Special requirements: Candidates should be at least 20 years old and have a strong motivation to work with disabled people, socially disadvantaged groups & individuals and write a detailed motivation letter including their experience (if any) and wish to be a part of a hard working team. Previous experiences are preferable but good mood & good wills are more essential.

Volunteers talented in dance, drama, playing a music instrument, juggling, photography, film, drawing, rhythm, vocal/choir will be preferred, although you may offer to teach another art or activity. Teachers of above-mentioned fields are needed especially. The motivation letter should be sent along with the application form.

Language: English

Duration of the project: Minimum stay is 1 month up to 3 months. One can start any time, but please be aware that, as the beginning dates are flexible for each volunteer, you might be the only volunteer during your stay if there is no other application for the same period. The project is running until May 31, 2014.

Accommodation: In a volunteer house near the Center at the Asian side of Istanbul. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary.

Location: Atasehir is a modern part of Istanbul in the Asian side. The project site is close to many attractions.

Terminal: Istanbul

Age range: 20 and over

Participation fee: $590 CAD




Social integration of disabled people through art and sport
Antalya          up to 3 months

Volunteer project: Volunteers in this project will work for the social integration of people with disabilities through art and sport. The project base is a multi purpose center in a village nearby Kas, Antalya in the south-west of Turkey. In this venue, people with disabilities who have been excluded from mainstream educational opportunities have the chance to get education in various fields such as painting, rhythm, instrumental training, dj, drama, photography, sculpture, ceramic, personal development, sign language as well as sports education such as scuba diving, swimming, sailing, canoeing, boat skipping, trekking, various outdoor trainings, yoga and pilates, etc.

Volunteers who are willing to work with and for disabled people are welcome. Please be aware that the center is open all year but disabled people mainly will be there between May 15 – October 30. Thus you should consider their absence if you are willing to come out of these dates and sometimes even within these days.

Although we do not request a nonstop working effort, volunteers are supposed to dedicate their time end energy when needed. Your help is requested all day long, of course with breaks. You can help us for the overall running of the site in different fields. Volunteers who can undertake more than just one task will be preferred. The work fields are as follows:
1) Kitchen : Food preparation / cooking / table setting / food serving / dish washing.
2) Field: General cleaning of all units / fixing buildings, boats, bikes, instruments / gardening both in main facility and in eco farm / animal care ( mainly horses), farming, harvesting, landscaping.
3) Training as artist or assistant or just helper : Art workshops (painting, dance, rhythm, instrument, dj, drama, photography, sculpture, ceramic, handicraft) / courses ( PC, foreign languages, personal development, sign language) / reading & library management / sport ( swimming, scuba diving, sailing, rowing, canoeing, trekking, outdoor sports, volleyball, badminton, biking, bocce, climbing, archery) / boat skipping / various outdoor trainings / yoga and pilates.
4) Organization : Entertainment and event organizations / indoor – outdoor games, driving & transportation / short trips guiding / health care & first aid / free time activities.
5) Administration : Office works (web and social media support / designs, graphic designs / administrative assistance / leading volunteers.

Special requirements: Minimum age is 20. A detailed motivation letter should be sent with the application form. Volunteers who can take responsibility of more than one task will be preferred.

Language: English. Regular Turkish classes can be arranged for volunteers upon request.

Duration of the project: Duration of the volunteer placement is up to 3 months. The project is running until December 31, 2014.

Accommodation: Although a guest house and dormitories are available, volunteers might be asked to stay in tents when necessary. Sleeping bags, mats and tents will be supplied but those volunteers who prefer to bring their own ones are welcome. Breakfast, dinner and lunch will be prepared and served at the facility.

Location: The center is in Kas, Antalya. Kas is one of the most popular coastal towns in southern Turkey and our facility is  in a small village, 11 km away from the Kas City Center. The center has 16.000 square meters for various purposes.

Terminal: Istanbul

Age range: 20 and over

Participation fee: $590 CAD



Sea Turtle research, rescue and rehabilitation program
Dalyan          1 to 3 months

Volunteer project: The project is based in Iztuzu Beach where Caretta Carettas lay their eggs. Volunteers are needed for different tasks like patrolling the beach during the egg laying season, rescuing wounded sea turtles and taking care of and feeding them during the curing period, distributing brochures to create awareness about the dangers that the turtles face, giving information to the visitors, sharing the daily tasks, etc. Two volunteers are needed per month.

Volunteers have to dedicate their time and energy to the hard work. Patrolling means walking 10 km on the beach from midnight till early morning. You must be fit, healthy, strong and ready to give up your sleep at night and sleep during the day time. Day tasks are under heavy sun. The sea turtle tracking data and documentation should be filled up regularly. You will be requested to take responsibilities at all sections of the center and undertake different tasks daily. A week contains 6 working days and one day off.

Special requirements: Previous experience with animal care especially with sea turtles is preferred. A motivation letter should be sent together with the application form.

Volunteers must be responsible, ready to collaborate with the other volunteers and the staff and should participate throughout the work activities. For the work to be productive, the volunteers will be expected to adjust their sleeping and waking times.

Language: English

Duration of the project: Minimum stay is 1 month and can be extended up to 3 months if both sides agree at the end of the first month. The project is running until May 31, 2014.

Accommodation: Bunk beds in trailers. Bed sheets are supplied. Sleeping bag is necessary during the beach patrol. Laundry and internet available.

Location: Iztuzu Beach is in the south west of Turkey. The project base is located near the sea under pine tress. The beach is full of crowds especially in the long summer season between April – October.

Terminal: Nearest Airport is Dalaman Airport.

Age range: 20 - 40 years old

Participation fee: $590 CAD

Extra fee: 100 Euro per month



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