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Volunteer projects in MEXICO

Teaching English and promoting cultural exchange in Mexican communities
Michoacan state          February 24 - July 4, 2014

Volunteer project: This Long Term Program has been running since 2003 with excellent results. The international exchange and cultural understanding is an important tool for the education of every human being. This project was born within this philosophy: long-term volunteers are needed to work in schools in different Mexican communities (one volunteer per school), helping with activities involving local youngsters to promote cultural exchange and learning.

Volunteer work: Each volunteer will be a part of the school staff. He/she will be giving English and/or French classes to the local youngsters, students of the school and probably to local people of the town. The average age of the students is between 15 and 19 years old. The volunteer will also help to organize local groups of ecology or sports and run some activities for the people of the town, most of which oriented to develop positive activities for the local youngsters. The volunteer will be assisted by the teachers of the school.
Please note that the detailed schedule of activities cannot be provided at this time due to the long duration of the project. The activities must be agreed by you and the host of the project before you start working in the school. Also please have in mind that in Mexico the concept of time and organization is far more relaxed than in many other countries, so please be flexible.

The hosting organization also runs projects for groups of international volunteers that stay in some communities for 20 days, participating in activities for the development of the town. If the community welcomes such a group of international volunteers, the long term volunteer will help in the organization of the activities that the international group will carry out.
An orientation meeting about the project and Latin American culture will be given to all the volunteers.

Special requirements:
- To be able to speak Spanish and English or French.
- To be 18 years old or older.
- To be in a good state of health.
- To be open-minded and able to understand and live in a different culture, to be adaptable and be able to work in teams for a long term period.
- To have previous experience working with teams
- It is important to have a medical insurance.
- To be an active and proactive person, able to organize and manage within a group

Language: Spanish and English

Location: The possible volunteer placements are in:
Acahuato, Cahulote, Churumuco, Epitacio Huerta, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Las Cruces, Manga de Cuimbo, Paracuaro, Penjamillo, Senguio, Tzintzingareo. All of the communities are located in Michoacan State. Once the volunteers are accepted, the communities will be designated to them, depending on their skills and experience.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be hosted by a local family. Hosting and food are provided for the whole length of the project. Volunteers will need to bring a sleeping bag and a mattress.

Age range: 18 and over

Participation fee: $590 CAD (about $475 US)

Extra fee: 500 Euro

The extra fee is intended to support the hosting organization who does not have sufficient funds. It is due upon arrival on the project.


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