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Volunteer opportunities in FRANCE

Renovating the village centre and organising a local celebration in Segur
Segur, Midi-Pyrenees          August 24 - September 13, 2014

Volunteer project: The municipality of Ségur will host this summer its fifth international workcamp. Located in Aveyron, this little charming town decided to receive international volunteers to help to renovate the center of the village and to organise the national finals of the Shepherds Dog competition. The population and the municipality are expecting to share great moments with you.

Supervised by municipal employees, you will work on restoring the heart of the village and the improvement of people’s lives. You will work on the Fountain Square, doing various heritage restoration works (calade fountain for example). You will also work in landscaping (planting trees, shrubs and flowers) in various areas of the city: the church square, along trails for school children, etc.

Language: English

Possible free time activities: In your leisure time, you can visit close-by waterfalls, lakes or go hiking. In the surroundings of Ségur, you can organise trips to Roquefort caves, Laissac market, micropolis museum, viaduct of Millau, medieval castles, etc.

Accommodation: You will be accommodated in an old school. Mattresses will be provided.

Location: Located between the two most important cities of the Aveyron département: Millau and Rodez, Ségur, crossed by the Viaur river, is a charming village. It has remarkable architectural heritage such as its high church. Ségur is located in the center of the Levézou region, known for its lakes and its cultural heritage. Nowadays, it is also known for its many wind generators.

Terminal: Rodez

Age range: 18 - 30 years old




Cadip volunteer project review:

"I wanted to give you some positive feedback on my time in Clansayes, in France. I had one of the best times of my life. The program was exactly as I wanted, and so much more. I had wanted to travel to Europe, but not just backpack through the place. I wanted to get immersed in the culture to get a feel of how life can be over here. In Clansayes, I was totally in touch with the culture. The villagers treated me as a son, a brother, and a friend. The camp leader, Madj, was so diligent with regards to the positivity of our stay there. He was constantly organizing day trips, speaking with the villagers to request bikes for us, and anything else he could do to make our stay more memorable. I loved the people I was staying with. I met people from all over Europe, Russia, and Africa. I met so many people, but not only that, I had time to actually get to know them. I have learned so much from the late night political discussions with 2 serbs and 1 man from Spain. I spoke for hours, and listened for even longer. The mayor of the town was awesome, he took us swimming at his sisters house, he gave us the towns sound system when we requested music, and he pulled some strings to allow all 16 of us have a day of golfing practice. What a guy. I loved the way 2 or 3 of us would cook for everyone else, that allowed for some interesting meals, but also to get to know each other in a deeper way. If you cannot tell by my tone, I am absolutely endorsing this workcamp, I will speak extremely high of your organization and I will tell all of my friends in the states what a wonderful time I had. I believe that I am a better person for having this experience, thank you very much."

Stephen M.,
Cadip volunteer 2007




Help running a vacation program for people with disabilities
Saint-Maurice, Rhone-Alpes          August 31 - September 19, 2014
Saint-Maurice, Rhone-Alpes          December 19, 2014 - January 5, 2015

Volunteer project: The project is in support of a centre, which runs adapted camps for physically disabled people. You will help a person with disability in his/her daily life during the vacation: showers, meals, etc., but moreover you will be with him/her during the different activities organized by the centre. The first 2 days of the project will be dedicated to a special training in order to allow you to learn the good behaviors and techniques to help the people. Former volunteers will tutor you during this training. You will work directly with the staff of the centre and under their supervision.

Working at the centre is a really intense experience: days of work are going from 7:30 am to after dinner. Sharing the residents’ daily life requires constant investment and a lot of energy, however, supervisors and other volunteers will support you at all times. Once a week, you will have to take on the night watch; the day after will be your day off (only one day off per week), for resting or visiting some local attractions with the group.
The group will be of 4 international volunteers; there will be also French volunteers involved in the project who speak English, and you will be welcomed in a very familial atmosphere.

Special requirements: Please remember that your role here is to allow the vacationers to spend a great holiday and that you should show a great involvement in the project. You are expected to be motivated, open minded, patient, caring, respectful, creative and able to get along well with people. Basic French is welcome to facilitate contact, but is not obligatory for participation. Please include a motivation letter in your application.

Language: English

Possible free time activities: With the disabled people, you will participate in many different activities: adapted sports, manual activities, mountain leisure activities, swimming in a lake, visit of Grenoble or Gap... You will have many occasions to discover the region. Moreover the centre focuses on a regional approach to tourism and food ! You can discover French cuisine in the mountains !

Accommodation: You will be hosted within the centre with other volunteers. Dormitory or rooms of 2-3 people. Meals shared with the disabled people. Any food diet can be accommodated (gluten free, vegetarian...).

Location: The centre is located in the wonderful region of Trièves, surrounded by the Alps mountains, at 68 km from Grenoble and 67 km from Gap.

Terminal: Clelles-Mens

Age range: 20 - 30 years old




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