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Volunteer opportunities in GERMANY

Rebuilding a playground, setting up an educational garden and renovating a culture centre in Bavaria
Johannesberg, Bavaria          April 15 - May 5, 2012

Volunteer project: Johannesberg is a small community in Bavaria and they are going to invite a workcamp for the first time. The project partner is a local association, which was founded in 1916 to promote social and charitable functions. Nowadays they are running a nursery, a children's house for school children and also they are planning to open a „Mehrgenerationenhaus“, which will be a social and culture centre for young and old. The association is looking forward to have an international group of volunteers to help them with the implementation of some new ideas.

There will be three main tasks during the three weeks stay. The first task will be to rebuild the garden of the children's house. They have already planed an action on the first weekend of the workcamp, where the parents and volunteers will work together on setting new water play equipments and paving the ways. Secondly, the volunteers will help transforming a huge forest and meadow land into an educational garden of the association. The work will include clearing vegetation and building a fence. Furthermore, the volunteers will help with the renovation of “Mehrgenerationhaus”, which means wallpapering and painting the rooms.

Language: English

Accommodation: In the building of the future “Mehrgenerationhaus”. Several rooms and a kitchen will be provided.

Location: Johannesberg is a small village with about 3.000 inhabitants and is situated close to the city of Aschaffenburg in the northern part of Bavaria. Coming from any direction, even from far away, visitors can see the baroque church, which was built in 1769 and is located on the highest point of Johannesberg, 367 meters above sea level. Volunteers will have an opportunity to discover and enjoy the beauty of Johannesberg - diversity of nature, the fascination of fields, forest, meadows and fruit trees.

Train station: Aschaffenburg (10 km)

Airport: Frankfurt (50 km)

Age range: 18 and over



Creating an eco-friendly playground and an outdoor herb garden in Bavaria
Ammerndorf-Großhabersdorf, Bavaria          May 27 - June 9, 2012

Volunteer project: This project is going to be a close cooperation between two neighboring communities in Bavaria – Ammerndorf and Grosshabersdorf - and they are very glad to invite the group of international volunteers to help them to implement their eco-friendly citizen(play)ground and an outdoor herb garden ideas.

 In the first week you are going to help out the municipality of Ammerndorf. They have developed a concept for an eco-friendly citizen(play)ground and this is going to become a place where young and old, teachers and parents, youngsters and professors can come together and have a place either to play or relax. All the materials used for the constructions of the citizen(play)ground will be natural and come from the region.
In the second week you are invited to Großhabersdorf, which is a small community about 6km far away from Ammersdorf. In the past this place has been used as a parking and festival place, but now it needs to be changed and become a herb garden. Some tasks will be done in advance and in this week you are going to set up a new path ways, set the raised beds for the plants and put signs and explanations. Your work will be supervised by professional workers.

Language: English

Accommodation: In the building of marksmen club and the fire brigade in Ammerndorf. Sleeping room, kitchen and showers are provided. Also in the second week you are going to stay here, the local host will organize transport for bringing you to Grosshabersdorf and back.

Location: Ammerndorf and Grosshabersdorf are two small villages with about 2000 and 4000 inhabitants and are situated in the region of Bavaria, Germany. Many recreative trails invite hikers to discover the beautiful surrounding on foot. The closest cities are Fürth and Nürnberg.

Train station: Nuernberg (25km), Fuerth (15km)

Airport: Frankfurt, Munich

Age range: 18 and over



Building a playground in Kohlberg
Kohlberg, Bavaria          July 1 - July 23, 2012

Volunteer project: This project takes place in cooperation with the municipality of Kohlberg. It is the first time they invite an international workcamp to help with the construction of a local playground.

The construction includes tasks such as putting up wooden play scheme equipments, plastering the ground, putting up seats and benches and carrying out general improvements. You will support all these working processes and your work will be supervised by a professional gardener. Besides, some painting tasks on the local soccer field are waiting for the group.

By joining this project, you will become a part of an international campaign, aiming to promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. Be one of the thousands of volunteers worldwide who will contribute to this initiative and help to raise awareness about international volunteering and its benefits.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be accommodated in a community centre of Kohlberg. Mats will be available.

Location: Kohlberg is situated in the North of Bavaria and has about 1.200 inhabitants. This small village keeps protected some roads from earlier centuries, which are no longer suitable for today's traffic and you are welcome to go there for a walk. On the last Sunday of the project, there will be a local festival in the village and you are invited to join the different events on this day.

Train station: Weiden, Amberg

Airport: Munich (200km)

Age range: 18 and over



Festival of Celtic history and living in Nagold
Nagold, Baden-Wurttemberg          July 8 - July 24, 2012

Volunteer project: The youth centre of Nagold has hosted very successful workcamps in the past seventeen years. Groups of volunteers were invited to help them with different renovation and cleaning tasks, making a movie about workcamps and organizing a Celtic festival.

This year, the city of Nagold is happy to host one of the biggest events in Baden-Wurttemberg called Landesgartenschau (garden festival) which will take place from April until October and gather more than 300.000 visitors and guests. Within this garden festival, the Celtic festival is going to take place again, and therefore, your help and support is needed.

The project participants will be helping out at the “Keltenfest” in Nagold, a festival about Celtic history and living. In the beginning of the project, the work will focus on the preparation of the festival. The participants will get an introduction to Celtic history so that they all know what the festival is about. Throughout the festival, the group will have different working tasks to fulfil. They will build different authentic constructions and produce Celtic costumes. July 21-22 will be children's days at the festival, in which the group is going to help out and also take part in the team competition.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be staying in the youth centre with basic conditions. Two sleeping rooms with beds are provided. Showers are available at the swimming pool nearby.

Location: Nagold is situated in the beautiful “Black Forest” and has about 22.000 inhabitants. The youth centre, located in the inner city of Nagold, is a meeting point for young people aged 14-20. Beside many other possibilities to spend time in the youth centre you will find rooms and equipment to play music, to dance and make videos and plenty of other things to spend your leisure activities. Trips to Stuttgart and Tuebingen, hiking in the Black forest, horse and camel riding, swimming and playing beach volleyball are only some of the possible activities. All the time local youth will be around so participants can look forward to getting in touch with them!

Train station: Nagold

Airport: Stuttgart (50 km)

Age range: 18 and over



Music festival in Karlstadt
Karlstadt, Bavaria          July 14 - July 25, 2012

Volunteer project: During the summer, some communities in Germany host music festivals for young people. One of those festivals – called “Umsonst & Draußen” (free of charge & outdoors) – will take place outside the town of Karlstadt and run for three days from the 20th-22nd of July. Young people of the town have been organising festivals for a long time now; this year will be the fourth time to invite an international team to help with the exciting but also demanding tasks of setting up the festival in July. Around 35 bands are invited; 12000-15000 visitors are expected.

The international group will work together with many helpers from Karlstadt. The main tasks will be setting up of the stage and campground on the site of the festival as well as the disassembly at the end. While the festival is running, the volunteers will assist in different areas: bar, stage, organisation, catering, etc. Volunteers should be flexible enough to work long and unusual hours – and enjoy music! Speaking or understanding basic German will be a plus.

Special requirements: A motivation letter is required with application.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be accommodated in tents on the site of the festival where all helpers will stay as well, basic conditions, sanitary facilities provided.

Location: Karlstadt is situated in the Bavarian region called Franconia. The town has around 7000 inhabitants and has a historical touch to it. If you are interested in architecture, you will find lots of nice sights in the centre of town. Also the region with its vineyards and hills provide an opportunity for some calm and relaxing outdoor activities as an alternative to the hectic life of the festival.

Train station: Karlstadt

Airport: Frankfurt, Nuernberg

Age range: 18 and over



Creating an outdoor classroom and a playground for children in the south of Germany
Willstaett, Baden-Wurttemberg          July 15 - July 28, 2012

Volunteer project: After several successful workcamps in the last years, the municipality of Willstaett invites again an international volunteer group. The project revolves around the designing of an outdoor classroom and work on green areas in the municipality.

There are three projects waiting for the volunteers: First, the group will help to build an outdoor classroom, which will be used by the pupils and teachers on hot summer days. They will remove grass and prepare the surface which will be paved. Seats need to be set up too. The second project will take place at the outside of a day child care where playground equipments will be installed. Lastly, the international volunteers will help to maintain public green areas in the municipality. Work can be heavy at times. Volunteers will work together with workers from the local building department. They are looking forward to another volunteer group.

Language: English

Accommodation: In a building of the fire brigade with all sanitary facilities provided. Kitchen and beds are in place as well.

Location: The community of Willstaett contains several villages with all in all around 9000 inhabitants. It is situated in the beautiful southern part of Germany close to the border to France. It is characterised by its beautiful architectural style of carcass houses. There is also a lot to see and discover in the landscape close to the Black forest with its spectacular sights (waterfalls, castles…). Close bigger cities like Freiburg or Strasbourg offer a wide range of cultural events.

Train station: Appenweier, Kehl

Airport: Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe Baden-Baden

Age range: 18 and over



Renovation of a forest hut in Hesse
Oestrich-Winkel, Hesse          July 17 - August 1, 2012

Volunteer project: Adventurous… technology-free workcamp for nature lovers!!!
In 1997 there was the first and so far the only one international volunteer project in Oestrich-Winkel. This year the municipality of Oestrich-Winkel has planned to renovate a forest hut which is used by school children or citizens of the city to spend their weekends or summer holidays. The hut is apart from everything and it takes around 30 minutes by car to reach the city of Oestrich-Winkel.

The forest hut needs to be renovated in- and outdoors and to be back in good condition that even more youngsters and travellers could enjoy their stay here. In addition to that, there will be various painting jobs and in the end, some furniture, like beds, should be built and put inside. 

Language: English

Accommodation: The group is going to sleep in tents in front of the hut. There is a small kitchen in the hut which can be used. Toilets are at hand but for taking the shower you have to go to the gym hall to the city. Probably you will have a car or minibus available in order to go shopping and take the shower, but be aware that you won´t be able to go to the city every day. These are perfect conditions for volunteers loving to be out in the nature. And of course – there will be no internet access in the house.

Location: Oestrich-Winkel is a town with approximately 11.000 inhabitants at the border of the Rhine river and they are proud to be the largest wine producer in the region of Hesse. The city has many sights (castle, monuments…) and offers a lot of activities for inhabitants and tourists (trips on a passenger ship, hiking trips and wine festival).

Train station: Oestrich-Winkel

Airport: Frankfurt

Age range: 18 and over



Developing a sensory garden for elderly people
Schiltach, Baden-Württemberg          July 21 - August 13, 2012

Volunteer project: Schiltach is a town in Baden-Wurttemberg. It's the third time an international volunteer project takes place in Schiltach. After last year’s successful workcamp where a sensory garden was created, the city of Schiltach and the social community for elderly are enthusiastic about this follow-up project.

The volunteers will extend the sensory garden next to the elderly people’s home. This can include digging, painting and constructing different stations where elderly people can sit and spend time. Your own creativity is welcome! Apart from that, a kiosk will be built. These works will be supervised by professionals. At the end of the project, the kiosk will be inaugurated with a garden party which will be planned by the international group. If possible, the group will help out with different works in the nature around Schiltach.

Language: English

Accommodation will be in rooms of the home for elderly people, where a kitchen and sanitary facilities are provided. Sleeping bags and mats have to be brought! Be ready and open for daily contacts and probably common activities with people, who work or live in the centre.

Location: Schiltach is a town in the district of Rottweil, in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It is situated in the Eastern Black Forest, on the river Kinzig, 20 km south of Freudenstadt. Schiltach has about 4.000 inhabitants and a nice medieval inner city, which is under monument protection and worth seeing, especially the market place including the town hall.

Train station: Freudenstadt, Offenburg, Wolfach.

Airport: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Zürich (Switzerland).

Age range: 18 and over



Removing invasive vegetation and improving hiking trails in the Black Forest nature park
Lauterbach, Baden-Wurttemberg           July 21 - August 11, 2012

Volunteer project: Adventurous… technology-free workcamp for nature lovers! This is the fourth time that the community of Lauterbach invites a workcamp. Most of all, the rangers in Lauterbach are very happy to be supported by a team of international volunteers at different environmental and construction tasks in a nature protection area!

Different tasks are waiting for you to help with: First of all, so-called “neophytes” (invasive non-native vegetation) need to be removed in the nature protection area. You will cut and clear those plants. The international volunteers will also work on the maintenance of a geological trail, a nature trail in the forest, as well as a panoramic hiking trail which needs to be renovated. Probably you will also repair fences and maintain grasslands with fruit trees. Furthermore, cleaning and clearing of vegetation needs to be done in biotopes like ponds and tarns. The work will be physical and sometimes in damp and steep areas.

Language: English

Accommodation: Outside of the community in the middle of the forest lies a very cozy and basic blockhouse which will be the groups' accommodation for three weeks. There will be a kitchen, living room and two sleeping rooms (sleeping bags and mats have to be brought!). Toilets are at hand and showers can be used at a public swimming pool to which each of the participants gets free entry. You will have to be flexible and like this kind of adventure - living outside the community this way. Due to the position of the house, we remind you that there will not be access to internet and no coverage for cell phones. Just be prepared to spend three wonderful, adventurous weeks away from your busy and usual everyday life!

Location: Lauterbach is situated in the heart of the Black Forest nature park close to the cities of Schramberg and Rottweil, approx. 100 km south of Stuttgart, close to the Swabian Albs (not Alps!!) and the Black Forest – in Southern Germany. So there will be a lot of possibilities to hike and experience nature first hand. Just step out of the door and find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature! It will be possible to see some surrounding places of interests and towns/cities you might be curious to get to know. Towns like Rottweil have a long history, astounding architecture and other cultural highlights to discover. Be aware that you'll live idyllically yet isolated in a wooden blockhouse outside the community!

Train station: Lauterbach, Schramberg

Airport: Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Renovation and landscaping of a Centre for disabled people in Thuringia
Muehlhausen, Thuringia          July 21 - August 10, 2012

Volunteer project: The local host is a charity organisation running workshops and schools for disabled. They have been hosting international volunteer projects for many years now. Former volunteers experienced a very warm welcome – especially successful workcamps benefit from a proper exchange between employees/workers at the workshop and the international group.

Different tasks need to be done: First, several places of the charity organisation need to be renovated and painted, e.g. holiday houses near to the old train station, the garage, as well as the special education centre. Fences have to be built at the farm, which is also part of the organisation. The international volunteers will plot a herb garden - you will plan out where to plant the seeds and so on. Within the area of the charity organisation, a small shop will open soon. The international helpers will prepare the official opening of “Unser Kleines Lädchen” (our small shop). All works will be done together with disabled people. There will be exchanges between international volunteers and the local people who work in or with the charity as well. Bring ideas and be open towards this exchange since it needs your motivation and an open heart!

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be living in the special education centre “Janusz Korczak” where some of the works will be done. Kitchen, sleeping rooms and sanitary facilities are on-site – and much more. There is a big garden around the house with meadow, trees, a pond and a barbecue grill. Next to the workshop buildings you can also find a soccer field. On the roof of the house there is a balcony from where you have a great view on the landscape around. Muehlhausen provides a lot of shopping possibilities and is easily reachable on foot or by bike.

Location: Muehlhausen is a very old German town with about 50.000 inhabitants. Visiting the city centre and looking at the old half-timbered houses, you can still imagine how Germany must have looked like in former times. Muehlhausen is situated in the beautiful forest of Thuringia in the heart of Germany. Nearby are many interesting places like the city Weimar (home of the poets Schiller and Goethe) or the Wartburg where Martin Luther translated the new testament of the Bible.

Train station: Muehlhausen (Thueringen)

Airport: Leipzig, Berlin

Age range: 18 and over



Maintenance of an open-air-museum and memorial of the Iron Curtain
Hoetensleben, Saxony-Anhalt          July 21 - August 11, 2012

Volunteer project: The main project will be to maintain the site of an open-air-museum and memorial of the Iron Curtain. The village of Hoetensleben was situated directly on the eastern side of the German-German border when Germany was divided during the period of the cold war. A local association was founded after the fall of the Iron Curtain which maintains four hundred meters of the former frontier protection system as a kind of open-air-museum. Visitors can still experience the different walls and electric fences, the watchtowers and iron barriers and get a feel of the violence of this monument.

The volunteers will work on the upkeep of this monument. The concrete tasks might include clearing the former path used by border guards to patrol the border from vegetation, painting the lorry barriers, and restoring the wall and fences. The project includes several study-parts on this period of the German history with several excursions and activities together with local people.
During the project period, there will also be a huge rock festival in the village - you might be asked to give a hand.

Special requirements: Volunteers should add a short motivation letter describing their interest in this particular project. Volunteers need to be able to ride a bicycle!

Language: English

Accommodation: In the former village hall, different sleeping rooms.

Location: Hoetensleben is a little village with approx. 2.500 inhabitants. International volunteer groups have been invited for some 13 years, so local inhabitants are looking forward to welcome the volunteers and many activities will be done together with local associations e.g. the voluntary fire brigade of Hoetensleben. Volunteers should be interested in a close contact with the German population and in German history. Therefore, volunteers should add a short motivation letter describing their interest in this special project.

Train station: Helmstedt

Airport: Hanover, Berlin

Age range: 18 and over



Renovation works in a centre for social, cultural and artistic activities in Mainz
Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate          July 22 - August 12, 2012

Volunteer project: The „Alte Ziegelei“ is a former brickyard founded in 1900 to produce bricks in industrial manner with big ovens and technical machines. More than 30.000 bricks were produced per day. The factory was closed in 1972 and it provides a good insight into European Industrial culture.
An association was founded to prevent the area from destruction and to ensure the maintenance of its character for non profit reasons: now the former industrial place is under heritage protection and used as a centre for social, cultural and artistic activities. More than 50 refugees found home in the former factory buildings and different actions are well established such as a school for actors, an ecology group, a kindergarten, a historical museum about the production of bricks, ateliers for artists and educational institutions. The place can be used by the general public for festivals, theatres, having barbecues and celebrating parties.

This year there are three main tasks planned for the volunteers. Firstly, from the past there are still a lot of bricks left, and now the centre would like to use them for creating rubble flora in one part of the area. Secondly, the kindergarten will get new playground equipment and you are going to help with setting them up. Furthermore, a specially arranged wall for lizards has been destroyed and your task will be to repair and improve it. Your work will be supervised by professionals.

Language: English

Accommodation: In a building in the area. Several rooms including all facilities are provided. Lots of other people will be around on the area, so volunteers should be open for contact with local people.

Location: Mainz is the capital of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate with over 2000 years of history. It was an important domicile under the Holy Roman Empire and previously it was a Roman fort city. It is located on the banks of the Rhine River. Mainz is a very beautiful and interesting city with lots of places of interest within its own boundaries as well as in its vicinity.

Train station: Mainz

Airport: Frankfurt International Airport

Age range: 18 and over



Summer camp for children in Weissach
Weissach, Baden-Wurttemberg          July 25 - August 12, 2012

Volunteer project: Weissach is a small community close to Stuttgart in the south of Germany. Every year during the school holidays the community organises a summer camp for children in the age 6-13. After the success and great cooperation of the last years, they invite a workcamp for the third time and plan to have 30 leaders for the summer camp - 15 German professional educators and 15 international volunteers.

In the beginning, the group will get an introduction in the project and also have the chance to experience some major group building activities so that all leaders can smoothly work together and make the stay worthwhile.

Specific working tasks are to attend and look after the kids and youngsters throughout different activities like excursions, games and bonfires… - a typical summer camp! In the beginning of project, all leaders will help build up the camp site and plan the activities together. Two leaders (one international, one German) will be in charge of a group of 15 kids. The centre of the camp will be a big circus tent which will host different activities. So, if you like spending time with an international group and children, if you like to be asked a lot of (German) questions and love to provide an outlet for the curiosity of children – you are the perfect participant in this project! Welcome to Weissach! Working hours will be long but very rewarding and you will spend your free time mostly together with the kids (going on a trip with the kids on the weekend for example)! Some knowledge of the German language would be helpful but isn't obligatory! Your days off will not be on weekends. The host will organise free time activities!

Special requirements: German skills are helpful but not necessary. We ask for a strong motivation and a written motivation letter with the application.

Language: English

Accommodation: All leaders and kids will stay in tents on the camp site. All facilities will be available.

Location: Weissach is a village with around 7000 inhabitants, very active and committed. It lies close to Stuttgart but also has a lot of nature to experience and enjoy after work or at the weekends. The international group will have the chance to meet local people and exchange cultural aspects.

Train station: Stuttgart, Leonberg

Airport: Stuttgart (30 km)

Age range: 18 and over



Playground renovation project in Singen
Singen, Baden-Wurttemberg          July 28 - August 12, 2012

Volunteer project: After already seven successful volunteer projects in the last years, the municipal council of Singen invites international volunteers again to help with the renovation of a local playground.

Every year the volunteers are taking care of one playground which needs to become nicer, friendlier and equipped with new swings or slides. The work will include the renovation of a playground, for example the construction of different tools and the playground borders. Also there will be an opportunity to be creative by painting the tools of the playground. The neighbouring families are asked to send their ideas and wishes for the concept of the playground and some fathers have already signalled their willingness to support you.

Language: English

Accommodation: The building of the fire brigade will be your accommodation. Volunteers will sleep in a big classroom where new fire fighters are educated. A kitchen and sanitary facilities are available in the same building. The building is located in the city centre and you will have plenty of shopping facilities and leisure time possibilities there.

Location: Singen has about 44.000 inhabitants and is a city in the very south of Baden-Wurttemberg in southern Germany. It lies close to the border to Switzerland and near the Lake Constance, which offers lots of nice excursions and hiking trips.

Train station: Singen

Airport: Zuerich (CH) and Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Kindergarten renovation and fitness trail maintenance in the idyllic Franken region of Bavaria
Heilsbronn, Bavaria          July 28 - August 11, 2012

Volunteer project: After the success of the projects in the last four years, the town of Heilsbronn is anxious to host another volunteer project this year. There will be different environmental and construction goals to be achieved by the international group around this beautiful town in Bavaria.

People in the town hall are big fans of the international volunteer projects and have already convinced other neighbour cities by the workcamp idea. As in previous years, they are very happy to have a group of volunteers supporting them in environmental tasks like maintenance of a fitness trail called Trimm-Dich-Pfad. Apart from that, they are planning to rebuild a municipality kindergarten and construct a viewpoint inside of the building.

Language: English

Accommodation: In the local youth club with all necessary facilities. The local youth who normally occupy the club will welcome you and are looking forward to get to know the group.

Location: The town of Heilsbronn is located in the idyllic Bavarian region called „Franken“. Typical for the small town with its 9300 inhabitants are the old half-timbered houses. Heilsbronn also has some unique sights to offer, for example the monastery and the cathedral. Nature friends can find several hiking trails in the beautiful landscape around the city. Remarkable above all is that “the Way to St. James” also known as “Camino de Santiago” leads through Heilsbronn. For this reason the region is adorned by many old churches and frequently visited by tourists as well as pilgrims.

Train station: Heilsbronn

Airport: Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Nuremberg

Age range: 18 and over



Embanking a river, building a forest kindergarten and signposting a cycling trail in Baden-Wurttemberg
Langenbrettach, Baden-Wurttemberg          July 28 - August 11, 2012

Volunteer project: Our local partner is the municipality of Langenbrettach and they are inviting international volunteers for the first time. Since 1975, when the formerly independent communities Brettach and Langenbeutingen were merged into the overall municipality of Langenbrettach, the infrastructure in the community and many other fields has been improved. This year they are planning to realise some new projects and they are very excited to have your support.

Firstly, the team will help with the river embankment. The River Brettach is a small river flowing through the community and its banks need to be fixed and for that you are going to use stones. So please be aware that the work can be physically demanding and you will get dirty. Secondly, volunteers will be asked to be creative and design new constructions for a local forest kindergarten. Here you are going to work with wood and also use other natural building materials. Third task will be to put up the traffic signs for a BMX-cycling trial. It is not decided yet, whether you are going to work on all projects at the same time or one after the other, but be ready for both.

Language: English

Accommodation will be in a gym hall in the village of Langenbeutingen, a part of Langenbrettach, where a kitchen and sanitary facilities are provided. Right next to the hall there is an outdoor pool and the municipality has already organized a free entry for you.

Location: Langenbrettach is a small community with approximately 3.600 inhabitants. It is situated approximately 25 km from Heilbronn, a city at the bank of the river Neckar and famous as a city of wine. The region of Heilbronn as well as Langenbrettach itself offer you many activities in the nature - nature parks, hiking trails, routes for bikers and much more. The community and local hosts are very excited to meet the group and they are already planning some activities for and together with you.

Train station: Heilbronn

Airport: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe (Baden-Baden)

Age range: 18 and over



Organising an intercultural exhibition and renovating the artwork and gardens of the cloister in Donauwoerth
Donauwoerth, Bavaria          July 29 - August 15, 2012

Volunteer project: It is the first time that the city of Donauwoerth invites an international workcamp!
The volunteers are given the chance to organize a small exhibition which will be open to everybody interested in other nations and cultures. Apart from this intercultural exhibition, the volunteers will help the city of Donauwoerth renovating an open-air walkway with statues and paintings.

By joining this project, you will become a part of an international campaign, aiming to promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. Be one of the thousands of volunteers worldwide who will contribute to this initiative and help to raise awareness about international volunteering and its benefits.

The group has two main tasks: the renovation of a cloister and the organization of the intercultural exposition. The renovation works include the restoration of paintings, gardening, repairing wooden embankments, clearing out weeds. The volunteer group will be guided by municipal gardeners.
During the first week, the volunteers will create a concept for the exposition and decide which elements should be part of their exhibition (pictures, performances, discussion forum, movies, etc.). The exact content of the exhibition depends on the ideas of the participants. During the second week, the exhibition will be open to the public. The volunteers will act as guides for the visitors. At the end of the exhibition the volunteers will organize a party at the scouts centre. The group will decorate the center, collect admission, sell drinks and clean the area afterwards. Be prepared to work longer hours during the party.

Special requirements: Motivation letter is required! Be prepared to reflect on your experiences as this workcamp is part of a research project. Please send us a motivation letter explaining your ideas for the exhibition as well as your reasons for applying to take part in it.

Language: English

Accommodation: The volunteers will stay at the local scout centre which has a kitchen, sanitary facilities. Mattresses are provided, so the volunteers just need to bring their sleeping bags. It is situated in the center of Donauwoerth next to the town-hall, the cloister and "Zeughaus" (where the exhibition will take place).

Location: Donauwoerth is situated in the federal state of Bavaria and includes a peninsula, located where the two rivers Donau and Woernitz meet. The city is part of a famous ancient route called "Romantische Straße" (Romantic Road), built by the Romans. The most important sights are the “Reichstraße”, the central road with its old buildings, two churches and a monastery. Donauwoerth is just about 100 km away from Munich, the Bavarian capital.

Train station: Donauwoerth

Airport: Munich, Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Conservation of castle gardens and preparing a holiday program for kids in Bavaria
Giebelstadt, Bavaria          August 5 - August 26, 2012

Volunteer project: Giebelstadt is located close to Wuerzburg, which is a university city at the Main River and the capital of the region Lower Franconia. It's the second time the community is going to invite a volunteer workcamp. They are very happy and excited to have international help for three weeks in August.

The municipality has a lot of different tasks for you. The main project is based on conservation work of the area which belongs to a castle in the middle of the town. The work will include cutting grass, brushwood and small trees and the maintenance work of the castle garden. Probably there will be works to be done in the castle itself, like decluttering rooms. The group will also clean a lake near to Giebelstadt. Furthermore you will support the preparation of a holiday programme for the children of Giebelstadt, which will take place in an adventure playground during the project. Work will be supervised by professionals.

Language: English

Accommodation: In a gym, all necessary facilities like kitchen and bathrooms are available.

Location: Giebelstadt is surrounded by fields characterized by a rolling landscape. It has a population of about 5,000 people, and has the largest volunteer fire department in its area. In the twentieth century, Giebelstadt hosted a military airfield operated first by the German Luftwaffe in World War II. Giebelstadt supported 5,786 soldiers and their families during the U.S Army 62 year history until its closure along with the U.S Forces draw down of Würzburg area in 2006.

Train station: Würzburg

Airport: Frankfurt, Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Renovation of sport facilities in Massenbachhausen
Massenbachhausen, Baden-Wurttemberg          August 5 - August 19, 2012

Volunteer project: This is going to be the third time for the municipality to invite a group of international volunteers to help them with some renovation tasks for the local gym hall and on the sports field.

You are going to have two main tasks. First of all, the local gym hall needs new colours and the municipality already organises some weekend activities and invites the citizens of the town to start with the renovation, but there will be also enough painting tasks left, therefore much creativity and your ideas are welcome! Secondly, you are going to lay a new paving stone path for the local sports field. The work will be supervised by professional workers who will explain what to do.

Language: English

Accommodation: The accommodation will be in a gym hall. You will sleep on sport mats and facilities like kitchen, showers and bathrooms are provided.

Location: Massenbachhausen has approximately 3600 inhabitants. The town is situated in the western part of Baden-Wurttemberg. Leisure time activities can be a boat trip on the river Neckar, hiking tours or excursions to cities like Heilbronn, Heidelberg or Stuttgart. The people of the town are looking forward to welcome the new volunteer group. Many of them are really interested in the participants so that contact to locals can be guaranteed and you should be open for this! 

Train station: Heilbronn, Schwaigern

Airport: Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Support a bike race, renovate a playground and give a new look to an old car in Bernburg
Bernburg, Saxony–Anhalt          August 12 - September 1, 2012

Volunteer project: The municipality of Bernburg invites an international workcamp for the 14th time! In cooperation with a local youth club all former projects have been running very successfully - due to experienced and motivated people, lots of leisure activities and good contact with locals.

There will be three working projects: The old car of the youth club needs a new colour – volunteers are invited to bring creative ideas for a new look. The group will also assist in a daily “bike race”: there is a small hill in the city centre and about 200 sportive participants will join the race. Workcamp volunteers will support with the time taking, the blocking of streets, etc. Last but not least, there are renovation works on some playgrounds to be done. This might include different tasks such as digging, placing of concrete and in the end also the painting of the new tools.

Special requirements: Volunteers need to be able to ride a bike!

Language: English

Accommodation: The accommodation will be in the first floor of a youth club with all facilities needed like kitchen, shower and bathroom. Participants will sleep on sport mats. They will have close contact with the local youth who visit the club regularly.

Location: Bernburg itself is a town with a history of more than 1000 years and is situated in the eastern part of Germany. There is a castle on the top of the valley of the river Saale which can be seen from far away. There are plenty of possibilities for leisure activities such as visiting the town, going to pubs and bars, making excursions to cities like Leipzig or Magdeburg, canoeing on the river, hiking, etc.

Train station: Bernburg

Airport: Leipzig or Berlin

Age range: 18 and over



Renovating a cultural centre and creating an art exhibition in Potsdam
Potsdam, Brandenburg          August 12 - August 26, 2012

Volunteer project: The Students Cultural Centre in Potsdam, in the north-east of Germany, is going to invite a group of international volunteers for the first time. The Students Cultural Centre is a part of students self-administration for more than six years. The Centre contains a small court including a pub, a small theatre area, seminar and office rooms, exhibition spaces as well as studios for artists and musicians. The Centre usually remains closed in August in order to run necessary renovation works together with local volunteers.

By joining this project, you will become a part of an international campaign, aiming to promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. Be one of the thousands of volunteers worldwide who will contribute to this initiative and help to raise awareness about international volunteering and its benefits.

There will be two main tasks. First, the volunteers will help running important renovation works in the court, e.g. painting walls, woodwork and some small repairs. The other part of the project will be to create an own public art-exhibition in the Cultural Centre which will be opened at the last weekend of the project and stay there for another two weeks. Therefore we will arrange workshops to learn together the basic “Know-How” of artistic handicraft methods. Artistic skills are not necessary but we expect volunteers to be interested in artistic working.

Special requirements: A motivation letter is required to be sent with the application. 

Language: English

Accommodation: In the rooms of the Students Cultural Centre.

Location: The environment of the Students Cultural Centre invites for meeting local students, for possible excursions to historical memorial Sachsenhausen and a lot more exciting actions.

Train station: Potsdam (3km)

Airport: Berlin (45km)

Age range: 18 and over



Creating parks for old and young in Roedental
Roedental, Bavaria          August 12 - September 1, 2012

Volunteer project: It is the first time that the city of Roedental together with the home for elderly people invite an international group! The home for elderly people is situated in the heart of the city and has several smaller parks next to the home. In order to make these green areas more attractive to the elderly people and to the younger inhabitants of the city, the local architect worked out a plan to change them.

Two parks are waiting for your hands: First, one “garden of encounter” should be created: Many things need to be done here. You will construct the paths and make them accessible for people in wheelchairs. You will prepare the ground, pave it and put stones at the wayside. Equipments for children to play and for elderly people to exercise will be set too. There is a huge bush which will be cut from the inside to form a den in which children can play.
In the second park, a course for elderly people will be set up: You will put up equipment for them to train balance and fitness. An alley where inhabitants of the city can play skittles will be renewed: You will construct the path and maybe cover it with concrete. You will also help to remove weeds. 

Language: English

Accommodation: In one of the city’s holiday homes.

Location: Roedental is a small city in the federal state of Bavaria. It is situated in beautiful nature. The surrounding woodlands are hilly. Around the community, traces of former times, like medieval castles and abbeys, can be found and enjoyed. You are almost in the heart of Germany: Day trips to bigger cities like Frankfurt, Nuernberg or Leipzig are possible.

Train station: Roedental-Mitte

Airport: Frankfurt, Leipzig, Nuernberg

Age range: 18 and over



Maintenance of public areas and preparing the annual fair in the oldest village in Germany
Schwanfeld, Bavaria          August 13 - August 25, 2012

Volunteer project: The community of Schwanfeld is the oldest village in Germany. Some years back proof of a former settlement outside of the present village from presumably 5500 B.C. was found. Schwanfeld is happy to show their treasures of the olden days to international volunteers and invites a group to get to know more about the south of Germany. This is the fourth time a workcamp will take place in Schwanfeld – and everybody will be very welcoming and excited to meet the new volunteers after the success of last years.

Different tasks are waiting for you: Around the village’s museums and other public buildings, maintenance and beautification works need to be done. You will also help to prepare Schwanfeld’s annual fair where you will get in touch the inhabitants and local traditions. Furthermore, hiking trails and cycle tracks within beautiful nature are lacking signs. So, the international helpers will put these signs up. Your work will be supervised by professional workers.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will live in the local gym hall next to the school.

Location: Schwanfeld is situated in Bavaria, close to the city of Wuerzburg. Around 2.000 people live in the community. The very motivated and active mayor of the village is looking forward to show the volunteers around and inform them about the historical and regional specifics of Schwanfeld. Besides from the village’s own sights and events (museum, church, local annual fair which was the highlight of last year's workcamp) there is the surrounding nature and close bigger cities like Wuerzburg and Frankfurt to discover.

Train station: Waigolshausen

Airport: Frankfurt (Main), Nuernberg

Age range: 18 and over



Rebuilding a nature trail and conservation of a historic site in Kehl
Kehl, Baden-Wurttemberg          August 18 - September 2, 2012

Volunteer project: For the past nine years the municipality of Kehl has asked international volunteer groups to help with environmental protection in their town. This time the workcamp attaches high value to organic, natural and regional food and gives you the possibility to think about “Quality Eating” and improve it within your workcamp (e.g., do you know how to prepare CO2 free breakfast?). For example, the volunteers will have the opportunity to buy fresh products from local farmers at the city market and to produce jam on their own. You are more than welcome to bring your ideas or habits and new trends from your country.

There are three tasks to fulfil, explained by professional supervisors. In the first week your tasks will be rebuilding and renovation of a nature trail in the wetlands of the river Rhine and cleaning of a biotope and a pond, which need to get cleared from rubbish, grass and bushes to prevent the town from flooding. This place is one of the most important green areas of the city’s residential zones. Definitely volunteers will learn a lot about typical vegetation and its ecological richness.
In the second week, you will help the German Society for Nature Conservation. They are taking care of a fortification of Sundheim, which was build in the 19th century to protect the city of Strasbourg and needs to be cleaned from time to time. You will clear the banks of the moats, cut the bushes and construct some water bodies for the amphibians. You will work with machines and it may be physically hard and muddy. This is a good project to learn about nature protection and conservation.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be accommodated in big tents in the garden of a youth centre. You can use all facilities in the youth center - a kitchen and different rooms to stay and spend time in. In case of very cold nights you can move into the house. You should be prepared for this and the best what you can do - bring a warm sleeping bag! Be open to get in contact with the local youth since they are your hosts and neighbours throughout the project!

Location: Kehl is a medium sized town on the bank of the river Rhine facing the French-German border. The Alsatian town of Strasbourg is situated on the other side of the river Rhine. It will be interesting to visit the beautiful town of Strasbourg, crossing the border to France. The youth centre is only a five minute walk from the inner city of Kehl. Other interesting outings can be the Black Forest, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Freiburg and the nature of the southern area in general.

Train station: Kehl

Airport: Strasbourg (10km), Frankfurt (Main) (150km), Badenairport (30km).

Age range: 18 and over



Various renovation projects in the scenic Middle Rhine Valley
Niederheimbach, Rheinland-Pfalz          August 19 - September 8, 2012

Volunteer project: Niederheimbach is located at the banks of the famous Rhine River and belongs to the World Heritage cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The local host is the municipality of Niederheimbach and this is the first time for them to invite an international volunteer group to help with different working projects.

Firstly, the workcamp will help with the renovation and extension of a barbeque area. They are planning to build a new BBQ hut and install a new public toilet. Secondly, volunteers will remove old wooden fence of the local kindergarten and build a new one. Third task will be more creative and volunteers will paint the railway underpass. In addition to that, there will be some small tasks to be done such us cutting grass and bushes and putting up traffic signs. Working places are located in different parts and it´s possible that volunteers will split in smaller groups for the different tasks.

Language: English

Accommodation: The group will be accommodated in a sports hall in the former school building, which is now used as a town hall. Mats will be provided.

Location: The small municipality of Niederheimbach with its 700 inhabitants, due to its location in the Middle Rhine Valley, offers a lot of charm and mystery to discover and see. From earlier times Niederheimbach is still famous for fairy tales and figures and walking through fields, vineyards and forests, you can still meet Hansel and Gretel, Frog King or Little Red Riding Hood.

Train station: Niederheimbach

Airport: Frankfurt

Age range: 18 and over



Support the organizing of summer festivals and a play scheme for children in Wangen
Wangen, Baden-Wurttemberg          August 25 - September 8, 2012

Volunteer project: It is the fifth time that the municipality of Wangen invites international volunteers to help out at the local summer festivals and activities for children. In the course of two weeks, summer festivals and a play scheme called “Mini-Wangen” (29.08.-02.09.) will run, and children at the age of 7-10 years are invited to participate in the play scheme. Around 120 children are expected to attend the activities, so there will be all kinds of action and adventure. Furthermore, you will have a possibility to help out at the municipal kindergarten and be involved in taking care of kids.

The participants of the project will help to take care of the kids at several different activities at the play scheme. They are generally helping the children to enjoy their summer holidays. The activities of the festivals are running from 8 am until 3 pm each day so the group should be prepared to work long hours – which can be stressful but also fun and very rewarding.
The other task will be to help out at a holiday program in the municipal kindergarten.

Special requirements: Project language is German. Motivation letter in German is required.

Language: German

Accommodation: You will stay in a well equipped self-catering house belonging to a monastery close to the city centre. All sanitary facilities and kitchen are available – and the monks (neighbours) are very welcoming.

Location: Wangen is a beautiful city situated in the southern German region called “Allgaeu”, close to the borders of Austria and Switzerland. The region lies close to the Alps and is therefore provided with a diverse nature of mountains, meadows, waterfalls and the like. There is a lot to discover in terms of history and nature. Old castles, mountain trails, the Lake Constance. But also Wangen itself has much to offer. The history of the city dates back to the year 815. The charm of Wangen lies within its historical buildings and southern German architectural style.
Definitely two exciting, adventurous and diverse weeks are waiting for you!

Train station: Wangen

Airport: Munich, Stuttgart

Age range: 18 and over



Help restore the native vegetation on the hillsides of Bad Kreuznach
Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate          September 9 - September 29, 2012

Volunteer project: Bad Kreuznach is a very nice spa town in the valley of the river Nahe. On the hillsides of this valley you can find vineyards and orchards – still used ones and abandoned ones. A hiking path called panorama view path is leading through these yards overlooking the beautiful town and the valley. The abandoned vineyards became overgrown in the past years. For the first time the city council of Bad Kreuznach invites an international volunteer group to help them to clear the vegetation on this hillside so that vegetation typical for this area (dry grassland, orchids...) can reappear.

You will cut the existing vegetation which mainly consists of small bushes and trees approx. 1 – 1,5 meter high. The hill can be quite steep and there are also some dry-stone walls leading through. You will bring the cut wood to the panorama view path where it will be collected. The work can be physically demanding and the weather can be sunny and hot or rainy and quite cold. In case of longer period of bad weather or as addition to the mentioned environmental task, you might also restore a small pavillon on the top of this hill.

Language: English

Accommodation: You will stay in a public building near the leisure area of Bad Kreuznach (with playgrounds and barbecue area nearby...). This gives you the chance to spend evenings outside and to enjoy your free time. All necessary facilities will be provided (kitchen, showers, camping beds). The place is outside of the city centre in the nature. You will have to walk 15 minutes to the local bus stop and use the bus to go in the city centre. There will be lots of opportunities to get in contact with local people.

Location: Bad Kreuznach has 45.000 inhabitants and offers many touristic sights and many opportunities to spend the free time. The town is well known for the historic city centre and the old bridges. Many tourists visit the city for spa and wellness activities. In the valley walking paths and cycling trails wait for active people. Directly next to your accommodation you can also find an adventure high rope. Excursions e.g. to Mainz will be possible, but it is up to you and the other volunteers to decide how to spend the free time.

Train station: Bad Kreuznach

Airport: Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn

Age range: 18 and over



Road renovation in the typical Bavarian community of Fischbachau
Fischbachau, Bavaria          September 15 - September 30, 2012

Volunteer project: The local host is the municipality of Fischbachau and also a local association taking care of youth and families. This association is also a new owner of a former school youth hostel, which is out of use since 2006 and needs to be renovated, before this place will be reopened to the public, school pupils and youth groups.

The road leading to this house also needs to be maintained or renovated in some parts and this is going to be the main task for the volunteer group. Please be aware that the work can be physically demanding at times. Work will be supervised by professionals.

Language: English

Accommodation: In a building of the association, directly next to your working place.

Location: Fischbachau with its 5.400 inhabitants is a typical Bavarian community, which is known as a resort place and not in vain– it lies in a valley and is surrounded by beautiful nature and lakes. Excursions to other nearby cities like Munich or Miesbach can be organized.

Train station: Fischbachau

Airport: Munich

Age range: 18 and over






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